Stuttgart – Normally at Night of the Proms, new talents have no chance against the musical legends. But this year’s Proms, this generation-gathering classic-pop event is totally different. This years new classical artist, collaborates with seasoned performers such as Roger Hodgson and Peter Cetera with tremendous success. Emily Bear is the discovery of the evening – and at age 16, is by far the youngest ever Proms performer.

Bear, who at age six performed at the White House, is a beacon of hope for the future: young, charismatic, empathetic, and blessed with unbelievable talents. Like a messenger of the gods, the American sits at the white piano and plays “Skyfall”, the brilliant anthem from the famous James Bond movie, originally recorded by Adele. From the very beginning, she enchants with the epilogue from “La La Land”, the Oscar-winning film musical.  Later in the program she spontaneously composes music based on a touching audience story. During “Bumble Bear Boogie”, she powerfully propels the 7,000 attendees into the classic-pop heaven.

Emily steals the show from even the most established artists. When she accompanies Hodgson on “School”, the audience’s eyes rest only on her. John Miles, one of the Proms favorite artists, seems to have fallen into a fountain of youth thanks to Emily Bear, as the 67-year-old is entranced during their duet by the girl at the white piano. What’s more, he lets Emily introduce his grandiose Proms anthem “Music” on the piano before he takes over the helm himself. The two performing together created magic.

The varied spectacle lasts a full three hours and offers a series of goose bumps moments. Rarely, has the Proms been so full of ecstatic moments, in places almost too much for the audience to contain in their excitement. At the end all the artists stand together on stage and sing the Coldplay anthem “A Sky full of Stars”. Never was the final song chosen more appropriately. A “Bear-strong” Proms, one of the best in recent years, will not be easy to top on 18 December 2018.,-la-la-land-in-der-schleyerhalle-_arid,2169431.html