Emily Bear conquers the hearts of Flanders, Belgium and the world

The great winner of all hearts at Night of the Proms 2017? That was definitely the American Emily Bear. Barely 16, this pianist is a true virtuoso. She has played the piano since she was 18 months old. She performed at the White House at the age of six and has since broken into the highest levels of the global music world. World Class? Certainly. 

After a heart-warming Skyfall, where she floats above the audience in a kind of cube, she plays an improvisation on the piano when someone in the audience is told to tell a story that she will compose a piece to on the spot. Sixteen-year-old Amber is not only celebrating her 16th birthday, her mother tells the audience that Amber has lost her father at a very young age and that despite all her pain and suffering, she is doing very well in life. As Emily played her improvisation, you could hear a pin drop in the room. There were also many people in the room with tears.  Emily produced a piece that can be called impressive. Even more, impressive was even an understatement afterwards. Not only did her spontaneous improvisation cause cold shivers on our backs, it also caused the constant rise of tears in our eyes, or a broad smile on our lips.

Emily Bear did not just enchant us, she left a magical, breathtaking impression that can not be described with words. This piano virtuoso captivates and conquers Flanders with her smile, impressive piano playing and engaging posture, so her performance can be seen as the ultimate highlight of this evening.